Clyde Ripka

Ripka's Beach Cafe

Ripka’s Bulls Head Market was a name in transition. Originally named for the Bulls Head section of Stamford, leaving its roots needed a newer identity seemed to be apt. Bulls Head Market name seemed to be melting into the synonymous famous name for deli meats that came to most minds outside of the Stamford area. Ripka’s was an easy fit with the founding partner tagging his name to the product.
Originally a single deli the passion for growing a multifaceted food service company became the calling in my heart. Having been a chef and trained sommelier as well as manager for a variety of restaurants and concepts, some my own and most for others,  I felt I could put my passion into creating an environment that would develop new business opportunities surrounding the food service sector…from a café concept to full service catering to corporate food service, my goal is to develop people and products and answer the market I am in.
More importantly, our business is about quality products, good service, fair pricing and community involvement.
It's not been an easy road in this tough business climate but we continue to push to answer the markets we are in and look forward to developing people and products as we grow.
For over 50 years “the concession” in Calf Pasture Beach was just a convenience in the summer; now it’s a destination year round. Ripka’s Beach Café is a very casual beachside restaurant that caters to a wide range of clients; from barebacked skateboarders to “70 somethings” enjoying the freshest of local oysters and shellfish, lobsters, fresh salads and specials including adult beverages, to simple burgers and dogs.
Ripka’s is definitely a locals spot in and off season where the views are unmatched, the food is great without the Fairfield County Price tag.
Flip Flops to Sunday best…everyone fits in here!

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Ripka's Beach Cafe
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