Kosta Koutsimanis

Norwalk Shoe Repair

Kosta Koutsimanis started Norwalk Shoe Repair October 1st, 2012, and was an entrepreneur from day one.

Growing up in Mt. Olympus, Greece, at six years old Kosta worked on his family’s farm with his father herding and milking sheep. At age 12 he worked as a shoe shining boy in his uncle’s shoe business. As he grew older Kosta loved to camp with his friends at the higher altitudes of Mt. Olympus where they cooked food and built fires. Kosta joined the Army at age nineteen.

After the Army, Kosta left Greece and came to America in 2006 to begin a new chapter. It was at that time Kosta rediscovered his love for the lost art of shoe making. “Every day is something new, so when a shoe walks in and it’s something different, it gets me excited because I fi x and repair it differently
every time. I am always inventing,” Kosta says.

Kosta is looking forward to 2018. His plans are to expand the store by adding a new sewing machine, finding a leather distributor and handmaking custom leather shoes, purses and more for his customers. A father and an experienced businessman, Kosta is happy because he has everything he
needs in this world.

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