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Norwalk Linen Service, Inc.

When F Charles Singewald, known to all as Carl, was a teen back in the 1920’s he set off for California on his Indian motorcycle, but only made it as far as Chicago where he was offered and accepted a job as a driver for a small local linen supply. That’s how he learned the business. Many years later, Carl returned to Norwalk with hopes of starting Norwalk’s first linen service, which he did in 1946. Knowing that to build a successful business he would have to focus on three important objectives (factors): QUALITY; SERVICE; and PRICE. Doing so, the rest became history.

While working a full-time job at a Bridgeport war plant, Carl started the business at home in his backyard garage, driving twice a week to Bridgeport to have his linen processed. When the flood of 1955 came, Norwalk Linen went down the river and had to start over again. Once back on his feet, Carl started to process his own linen in Norwalk, with the help of his sisters and children.

In 1970 Norwalk Linen Service moved to its present location at 7 Reynolds Street in East Norwalk, going from a 1,000 sq. ft plant to one of 9,000 sq. ft. Today it has grown to 25,000 sq. ft. In 1975 Carl’s two sons Charles Jr. and Alan began to take their place at the top of the company, after proving to their father that they could continue providing the best quality linen, service, and price.

Today, over 65 years later, Charlie and Alan have passed the company on to their two sons Michael and Sheldon, making Norwalk Linen Service a 3rd generation business. While the leadership has changed several times, the most important aspects have not. Norwalk Linen is still the number one linen service in all of Fairfield and Westchester counties.

Once you view our website you will see why Norwalk Linen is still the company you’ll want to do business with.
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