Michelle Maggio

Mike's Deli

Mike's Deli is a family owned and operated business since 1973.

Michael Magee and his wife Peggy started their family and new business just two blocks down the street when the cost of a cup of coffee was just 10 cents.  Long time customers and residents of East Norwalk remember Mike’s Deli in its original spot and could buy a pack of cigarettes for just 25 cents.  As Mike’s Deli grew we moved into a larger space which is now our current location at 194 East Avenue in East Norwalk.  Mike and Peggy raised two girls Michelle and Margaret, who have worked in the deli since they were tall enough to see over the counter.  Most of our customers have become close friends, some we would even call family.  Whether it is our famous egg sandwiches, our oversized lunches, or Mike’s gift of gab and corny jokes, customers have been coming in for nearly 40 years.

In August of 2010, Michelle along with her husband Jon purchased Mike’s Deli from her father.  It has always been a dream of Michelle’s to take over the deli.

Visit us on:

Mike's Deli
194 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06855

Tel.: 203-866-3772
Fax: 203-854-9396

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